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New and refurbished phone systems and refurbished business telephone systems at red-hot, wholesale prices! Whether you want one refurbished telephone or a complete refurbished telephone system, including new phones or refurbished phones, look no further! We have many brands of refurbished telephone systems, and refurbished office phones.Intelevoice for new and refurbished phone systems, used Toshiba phones, used Avaya phones, used Norstar phones, used Lucent phones, used Comdial phones. Office phone systems by Toshiba, Norstar, Lucent, Avaya and Comdial.

This Month's Refurbished Phone System Special


Toshiba DK40: 4 lines, 6 phones & Voice Mail - $1995


(1) DKSUB40 Base Cabinet

(1) TCOU 4-port Central Office Card

(6) DKT2010SD 10-button Digital Display Speakerphone

(1) Stratagy Flash Voice Mail System


Our Used phones and used phone systems are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and tested for proper operation.

Toshiba Introduces New Line Of Digital Telephoneswholesale phones, refurbished phones, phone systems, telephone systems

Toshiba offers a wide range of digital telephone models, allowing you to match your telephones to your specific application. All models are available in either charcoal gray or ash white color to match your office decor. The electronic volume control independently adjusts the volume of the handset, speaker, and ringing.

Digital Speakerphones

wholesale phones, refurbished phones, phone systems, telephone systemsSpeakerphone models are ergonomically designed with easy-to-reach, easy-to-read feature buttons. You can even perform several feature-operation sequences by pushing a single button, saving valuable time.

Our 20-button, 14-button, and 10-button speakerphones provide full functionality for all types of calls, and their state-of-the-art technology allows you to converse via the speaker as effectively as if you were using the handset All speakerphone models have fixed buttons for Message, Microphone, Speaker, Speed Dial, Redial, Conference/Transfer, Hold, and Volume, and have either 10, 14, or 20 line/feature buttons that are programmable. Each programmable button has an associated two-color (red/green) LED status indicator.

Digital Display Speakerphones

wholesale phones, refurbished phones, phone systems, telephone systems

Our 2-line x 24-character LCD Digital Speakerphone models include easy-to-read feature prompting with 4-button soft key operation, which makes feature access and use easier by displaying simple, clear instructions on the telephone's LCD screen.

Program calling features and speed-dial numbers for fast one-touch operation. They're available in your choice of 20-button or 10-button models to match the level of functionality you require.

The 8-line x 24-character LCD Digital Speakerphone model makes feature use even easier via the large display and 12-button soft key operation, and provides 14 programmable feature buttons.

Single-Line Telephone

wholesale phones, refurbished phones, phone systems, telephone systemsFor applications requiring simpler telephone functionality and lower cost, a digital single line model is available. It has fixed buttons for Message with red LED, Line (Primary DN) with red LED, one-way speaker with red LED, Speed Dial, Conference/Transfer, Hold, and Volume. The digital single line telephone has one programmable Flex button.

Simplified Call Processing For Your Operator

wholesale phones, refurbished phones, phone systems, telephone systemsQuick answer and transferring of calls using our 20-button LCD digital speakerphone equipped with an optional 20-button Add-on Module or 60-button DSS Console. Programmable buttons provide Direct station selection (DSS) and busy lamp field (BLF) functionality, as well as one-touch call processing for frequently used calling features.


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